A creative visionary with an abundance of ideas, Connor Cast is a conversationist who truly loves his work. He has dedicated his passion to founding a photography business that continuously delivers a devoted client experience. He is known for capturing fleeting moments that seem to freeze both time and emotion. 


Since graduating from The Photography Institute, Connor very quickly asserted his business as an immediate success by being contracted to work for the likes of Nuffield Health & Deco Noir within his first year. Following his accomplishments, Connor now regularly works as a professional wedding photographer, capturing high end imagery for a beautiful array of couples. Amongst this, he also works in professional events, business promotion, pet photography and landscape & travel photography. 



     I am often asked how I come to capture images that stand out and how I have adopted a particular style of photography over time. Well, my approach stays strongly with being present and purely living in the moment. The finest, most beautiful images created, are those in which the essence and emotion of any given moment, are captured in their purest form. 


     I believe it’s all about creating something that is beautiful. Ultimately, my goal as a photographer is to craft energetic yet elegant images, that are as unique as the moment they were captured in. Creativity is my calling, photography is my passion and a combination of the two are what strive me toward perfecting my craft every single day. Being so passionate about my work is genuinely a beautiful life experience and one that I am extremely grateful for. 


     As for me, I have grown up in the U.K. with a fantastic family who've always had the pleasure of being loved by four legged friends. When I'm not working behind a camera, you'll find me hiking in the great outdoors with my dogs or sitting behind a drum kit channelling my creative energy.  


     I'm humbled to say that I've dedicated much of my spare time to seeing our beautiful planet, thus my passion for photography began.