Road trip to Massachusetts, USA

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Seascape off the coast of Rye, New Hampshire

Back in April 2018 I decided to take some Father-Son time and visit my Aunt in the United States. I was fortunate enough to combine all of my passions of photography, travel and family on our road trip.

We stayed in the beautiful, quaint town of Amesbury, Massachusetts which is right on the boarder of New Hampshire. I am very grateful to have previously travelled a vast part of the US and New England is definitely my favourite area that I have visited thus far. The wilderness is stunning and the small towns encompass an outdoor living style by integrating themselves with the surrounding areas of natural, beautiful, forested landscapes. There is less of a fast food/chain & franchise culture and people embrace small local business and eat fresher healthier food. Seafood being a real highlight. There is more of a European vibe than other parts of the States with people's dry sense of humour being similar to that of the British. You can still feel the the British influence in this area.

Having a week of pure creative freedom really took me back to why I am so passionate about photography. Going to a new place is exciting and being able to capture that enthusiastic essence is invigorating. I was surrounded by new terrain and beautiful scenes that fuelled my passion for landscape photography. Furthermore, I was constantly around horses and dogs to work freely on some Pet photography.

Overall, a very successful trip. Please enjoy the gallery below of images from Amesbury, Gloucester, Rockport and Boston, Massachusetts.